Westview School Review June 2024

The review of Westview School was conducted to support the school-based administrator’s instructional leadership practice. The review was designed to learn the perspective of Westview School staff, students and parents to inform the principal as he plans and makes decisions for continuous improvement. School reviews may be used to assist in the establishment and maintenance of appropriate instructional, program and management standards that contribute to a high level of student development and achievement in a school (Administrative Procedure 103; School Reviews).


To provide assurance of ongoing attention and compliance with the quality standards related to teaching and leadership practice as well as student learning and achievement;

To validate good practice and identify processes and procedures that currently are helping students to learn and achieve. To affirm the positive features and practices which are taking place at the schools and to provide positive feedback where appropriate;

A crucial part of this review is to support accountability in which teachers, administrators, students, parents, and other members of the school community formatively examine, analyze, evaluate individual and school practices, structures and outcomes;

To provide feedback to the school administrator/administrative team, staff and school council that will assist with planning for the future;

To develop a short term and long term action plan to address any areas that need strengthening for the administrator/administrative team. To identify areas for effective action for sustained improvement in student learning and achievement;

To provide a review report to the Division Senior Leadership Team to use as they work to support the school community and provide assurance to Alberta Education that they work to provide quality oversight, support and coaching in line with the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard.

Report Summary June 2024