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Get Involved!

Be a part of our Active Parent Group. Check out our Calendar, and News sections for upcoming meetings. Everyone is welcome, we love having parents as partners in learning here at Westview. We are all part of the Westview Family.


School council

Chair: Jenn Ross

Vice Chair: Stephanie Brake

Secretary: Vacant (Katarina Semaneikova filling in)

Members at Large (Directors): Mandy Skaronek

                                                 Tracy Stillwell


Westview School Parent Association (Fundraising society)

President: Katarina Semaneikova

Vice President: Rhonda Breen

Treasurer: Rayan Makawroski

Secretary: Vacant (Jenn Ross filling in)

Hot Lunch Coordinator: Susan Harrison

Casino Coordinator: Mandy Skaronek

Yearbook Coordinator: Mandy Skaronek

Events Coordinator: Susan Harrison

Fundraising Coordinator: Rhonda Breen