Madeline Stands Up

Maddie RossMaddie Ross

Madeline Ross is a grade 3 student in Ms. Haldane's class. Just before Christmas break, a series of sign-up sheets with Madeline's name on them appeared around Westview School.  These sheets were sure to catch attention.  They were just regular letter-sized, unlined sheets of paper, hand-written as only a seven year old can.  There were six sheets - each handwritten and posted on the walls throughout the school.  So, what were you to sign up for?  Let me relay that message in Madeline's own words: "Join stand up to bullying club. Only one meeting, the meeting is by the benches, meet me at the first recess, next Thursday.  By Madeline Ross".

Having noticed the posters, Madeline was called to meet with Mrs. Mitsopoulos and Mr. Alyward. Congratulations were in order for Madeline on her bold initiative and excellent citizenship and she was encouraged and supported in establishing her new club.

Before we knew it, Madeline named the group "The Stand Up Club".  Together with Mr. Alyward, they decided to meet on a biweekly basis.  Madeline apparently hit a chord with her fellow students as about 30 students decided to give up their lunch break to attend the first meeting, then the second.  The club, along with Madeline, are off and running to make a difference and be a positive influence at their school and in their communities.

Far too often, we tend to be blinded by negative issues that make their way around like wild fire.  As a result, we miss the amazing goodness that comes from young people.  As parents, educators and community-minded citizens, let's encourage and celebrate the many accomplishments of our wonderful kids.  

Well done, Madeline.  We are so proud of you!


Submitted by Greg Alyward            

Counsellor, Westview Public School